Introduction of I · WEDDING · U


Many foreign tourists visiting Korea like Seoul, a city harmonized with traditional Korean beauty and modern culture.

The demand for wedding shooting is increasing in the traditional and modern center of Korean wave, apart from simple sightseeing.

Seoul Wedding Tour Culture Association hereby proposes transparent and diverse total wedding tourism products.

Why Choose I · WEDDING · U ?

    It is a one-stop wedding tourism platform operated by Seoul Wedding Tour Culture Association, which is the only one in Korea and certified and                      accredited by Seoul city.

    Wedding companies connected with Seoul city and Seoul Wedding Tourism Culture Association will allow you to save money with the fixed-price                    system without any bubbles.

   Customers can pay the cost of airline, accommodation and other expenses for which there is a large fee directly to reduce the burden and choose                   the wedding shooting and tourism directly. So it is a wedding tourism product that can catch two things, cost savings and satisfaction of free travel.