FAQ FAQ about the I · WEDDING · U

How can I apply for wedding tourism?
You can apply through Go Korea Wedding.
Can I ask questions on the phone?

No. If you leave inquiries on Go Korea Wedding, the exclusive planner will contact you.

What languages can I speak with?
English or Chinese
How can I pay?

We receive 20% of the product cost you contracted as a deposit.
When you arrive and start your schedule, we will receive the remaining balance.
What prices are included in wedding shooting products?
Expenses for studio shooting, album, photo frame, photo data (original one, edited one), dress and tuxedo (bride, groom), hari/make-up, accessories, shooting props and shipping are included.

When can I choose a dress or tuxedo?
After your arrival, you can choose from the wedding dress shop with product you chose on the consulted data. It will take around 3 hours.

How can I pay?
Down payment can be transferred to the bank through a bank transfer, and the remaining balance can be paid either bank transfer or cash.

Can I change location or tour schedule when I choose outdoor shooting product?
You can only make changes within a week on the time of your choice.

How much is the penalty?
Three months prior to the data of completion of contract: 20% of total cost
One month prior to shooting date: 50% of total cost
From one month to the date of shooting ~ cancellation on the day: 100% of total cost

Can I change the date if weather conditions are bad when shooting outdoors?
It can be changed by the judgment of Seoul Wedding Tourism Association and photographer.
Data or shooting location can be changed by consulting with the customer.

How about guide and interpretation during sightseeing?
They can meet you at the hotel lobby in which you are staying based on the schedule that was guided you.

Do you book the air ticket for me?
No. You can purchase air ticket by yourself and let us know the date and time for your flight.

When can I receive photo materials after wedding shooting?
You can receive the original data by email within one month after shooting. You can choose the photos which will be on the album and photo frame through original data. Then album production, shipping of photo frame and edited data can be completed in about 3 to 4 months.
After that, all the deliveries will be sent by international mail.

Can I bring a camera or video camera?
Yes, you can bring them. But do not interfere with the shooting of photographer.