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Trend & Korean Wave

Seoul, full of trendy attractions, is the herb of the Korean wave.

We will guide you to the place in the drama, the K-POP agencies and the most trendy space in Seoul.


Dalkomm Coffee

Dalkomm Coffee is a coffee shop that was shot in Korea’s famous drama, such as Descendants of the Sun, Mr. Sunshine, and The Lonely and Great God.

It sells many kinds of sweet drinks and coffee as the name of the shop.

It is also good place to have simple breakfast with a lot of desserts.

[Descendants of the Sun]

Paju Camp Greaves

Gamp Greaves Youth Hostel is located adjacent to the DMZ, an inter-Korean division line and was a military facility where US 2nd Division of 506 infantry troops stationed after Korean War Armistice Agreement.

It has become famous as a place to shoot the drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’, and is very popular with various facilities such as exhibition of ‘Descendants of the Sun’, experience of military uniforms and accommodations.


Korean Table d’hote


Table setting of Korean Table d’hote is based on the side dishes except rice, soup, Kimchi, stew (Jjigae) and soy sauce or red chili-pepper paste with vinegar in small bowl. It is large table setting divided into 3 dishes, 5 dishes, 7 dishes, 9 dishes and 12 dishes according to the number of dishes of raw vegetables, boiled vegetables, grilled dishes, roasts, pancake (jeon), fruits berries, dry dishes, salted seafood (Jeotgal), sashimi and Pyeonyuk.

If you want to taste various kinds of Korean food and feel welcome, Korean Table d’hote will be the best choice for you.

[Go Back]

Paju First Garden

Paju First Garden is famous as a date place for lovers with European-style facilities where a variety of dramas such as Go Back are shot.

There are many places to leave photograph such as beautiful Adonis garden with 23 themes and garden filled with five colors nature. It is a place that many couples and families are looking for.


Hongik University,

Haha Kim Jong-guk 401

401 Restaurant in Hongik University is Jeju pork specialty restaurant operated by Haha and Kim Jong-guk, who are entertainer acting in and .

401 Restaurant with unique interior that reminds you of Jamaica is popular among foreigners because they can enjoy Korean-style BBQ such as Pork Neck, Pork Belly and Pig Skin by listening to exciting reggae music.

[My Love From the Star]

Gapyeong Petite France

Petite France has music concerts, exhibitions, craft experience and fun playing events all over the park as it has a French theme.

Petite France has become famous as a tourist spot with filming site of ‘My Love From the Star’.


Spicy Stir-fried Chicken


It is a food to eat if you come to Gapyeong.

There are many restaurants and they are divided into charcoal Spicy Stir-fried Chicken and Pan-fried Spicy Stir-fried Chicken.

[She was Pretty]

Yangpyeong Dumulmeori

It is widely known through TV dramas and movies, and is also popular as a place for wedding shooting.

It is a filming site of Korean drama ‘She was Pretty’. Many people go out to see lots of lotus.

Since it is well known as a date course, you can make another memory with the electric bike at Yangpyeong Dumulmeori with the excitement of your first love.


Yangpeyong Hangover Soup


Yangpeyong Hangover Soup is literally a Hangover Soup which was enjoyed in Yangpyeong from the Joseon Dynasty. It is cooked by boiling various kinds of Seonji, offal and bean sprouts on the soup made with hot pepper oil and red pepper seeds. It is called as ‘Hangover Soup’ because it usually eaten the next day after drinking.

[Make-up Experience]

Quick Lecture of Entertainer


Become an entertainer!

The Korean Wave Star Make-up Experience Program is one of the programs that foreign tourists who love Korean Wave want to experience the most.

This event, which introduces make-up know-how of Korean Wave Stars with new theme every month, is made with make-up demonstrations of professional artists and a time for the participants to make up their own face.

[Room Escape Experience]

Unique Experience Game

Room escape game, which was shown in many entertainment programs, is a genre of video games and room escape experience cafes are operated currently so that people can actually experience it.

This game is to escape from the room by getting hidden tools, clues and hints in 60 minutes after being trapped in a room.

There are various themes, so you can choose the kind you like and enjoy.

[VR Experience]

Unique Experience Game

VR technology is a cutting edge technology that enables people to experience the real things in a virtual world created by computers.

VR experience café welcomes customers with various devices and equipment all over Seoul, where technology is advanced. So if you want to have unique experience, it is recommended for you.

[Ball Firing Experience]

Actual Pistol Shooting

It is a place where you can shoot a real pistol. You can experience shooting safely with cutting edge safeguards and instruction of shooting specialist security personnel.

It has various firearms and perfect soundproofing facilities and anyone can visit to treat and shoot firearms directly. So it is very popular with couples.

[Club Experience]

Visiting Hongik University Clubs

Hongik University is the center of Korean club culture.

On Friday and Saturday night, called ‘Bulgeum’, you can see a long line of clubbers waiting to enter the club.

The time with the best mood is from 2-3 AM after midnight.

People can dance all night to catch up on trendy hip-hop, electronic and house music.

[Room Escape Experience]

Unique Experience Game

Room escape game, which was shown in many entertainment programs, is a genre of video games and room escape experience cafes are operated currently so that people can actually experience it.

This game is to escape from the room by getting hidden tools, clues and hints in 60 minutes after being trapped in a room.

There are various themes, so you can choose the kind you like and enjoy.

[Adult Museum]

Hongik University Love Museum

Hongik University Love Museum is X-rated trick art museum. It pleasantly expresses somewhat difficult and cautious issue ‘Sex’ in Korea. So it is a place where quite embarrassed, but fresh, shy and funny.

However, this place is recommended to go with lovers and friends rather than family.

[Canoe Experience]

Hangang River Canoe Experience

Hangang River offers a variety of water activities goes beyond mere rivers.

Among them, the canoe experience is one of the ways spend summertime. Especially you can experience canoe by watching the sunset. So it will be an unforgettable day if you make a wish with family, friends or lovers by watching sunset.

[Hangang Pleasure Boat]

Dinner Buffet Cruise

The best way to enjoy the night view in Seoul is to take a cruise on Hangang River.

A night view overlooking the Hangang River on a cruise ship will be an unforgettable memory forever and a perfect opportunity to enjoy the various performances, delicious food, music and beautiful scenery of Seoul at once.

[Agency Tour]

Representative Agencies Outside Tour

There are various agency companies such as SM, JYP and YG, which are large-scale agency companies representing Korea.

Wishes to see stars close is all same.

The café near the agency is crowded with fans and it provides a lot of information related to the stars.

If you tour agencies which take leading role in Korean Wave, you can see the star you wanted to see.

[K-POP Dance]

Real K-POP Dance Experience

Now, I’m a Korean Wave Star!

K-POP dance experience that you can follow and learn the favorite Korea Wave Star is very popular with not only Koreans but foreigners as well since it has dance training room, vocal training room where vocal experience program is possible and recording room and also has everything required for making album from studios shooting photos and music videos are possible.

[Program Experience]

Running Man Experience Hall

It was Seoullo 7017 where the members of Running Man gathered and played a fierce mission game in a hot sun.

Seoullo 7017, where staffs, who were came from different places, had a race for acquiring the mission expense with different amount provided at each entrance.

You can just go visit there. But once you know about it, you can enjoy more fun Seoullo 7017.

[Broadcasting Station Tour]

Broadcasting Station Tourism

Go to Sangam-dong Broadcasting Station Street, a new mecca of Korean Wave.

Sangam-dong, a course where you can see and experience the field of the Korean Wave.

It is must-go course for foreigners because you can see entertainers from the Garden Studio and experience the Korean Wave Experience Zone in the Contents World.

And there are many good restaurants in the street, so it is good to have a meal.

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